At Shivras Groceries, we strive to provide Indian and Islander food at affordable and competitive prices. We take pride in keeping quality high and prices low. That’s just how we do business.

Shivras Groceries is a family run Indian and Islander Store in Blacktown. We have been selling Indian and Islander food since 2012, and eating it all our lives! We know what quality food is, and we use this to pass on the best products at the best prices to our customers.

We grew up in Fiji, around both Indian and Pacific Islander food. For all people, nothing can replace the food that they grew up with. We know how important it is to be able to get the food and brands we all grew up with here in Australia. Our large store lets us keep a huge variety of products.

Our focus is getting quality food. This means selecting the best brands for our customers, ensuring fresh food gets here and on our shelves as quickly as possible, and using our knowledge of food to pick the best local and imported stock.

Just because the food comes from further away, doesn’t mean it should cost a lot more. We do business with integrity, and we recognise that our customers are also our community. A low price for great quality is our guarantee.

We stock Taro, Taro Leaves, Cassava, NZ Ice Cream and Snacks, Tinned Mutton, Beef and Mackeral and a whole lot more Island Food. Check out or Island Food page for more info.

We keep a huge range of Indian spices, as well as Rice, Lentils/Dhals, Indian and Fijian Indian Snacks. We also stock a huge range of Pooja Items all year round. Check out our Indian Food Page for more info.

Come and check out our store, or give us a call. We hope to provide all the food from home at a competitive price!



Maya and Raj

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