At Shivras Groceries, we sell a huge range of Pacific Island Food

Fresh Taro and Taro Leaves

We stock Fresh Taro and Taro Leaves. Our Taro and Taro Leaves come from Fiji by Plane, with fresh stock coming weekly. The quick transport keeps the Taro and Taro Leaves extra fresh.

Frozen Taro and Cassava

We always stock Frozen Taro and Cassava (Tapioca). We have a lot of stock on hand, so you can buy a 1 kg pack or a 10 kg bag! Our frozen Taro and Cassava comes from Fiji.

Fijian Snacks

Bongos™, Peanut Ruffs™, UFO’s™ and a range of other Fijian Snacks. We also keep a huge range of Prasads™ Bhuja’s, in both Hot and Mild varieties. Although made locally, they have the flavour of Snacks from Fiji.

Green Bananas

We sell Fresh Green bananas for cooking. The bananas are from Queensland. We get fresh stock twice a week.

NZ Ice Cream

Anyone who has tried it will tell you Much Moore NZ Ice Cream is the best in the world. We stock a range of flavours, such as Orange Choc Chip, Hokey Pokey and Passionfruit. We keep 1 kg and 5 kg tubs.

NZ Snacks

We stock a huge range of BlueBird™ and Griffins™ chips and biscuits including Curlies™, Rashuns™, Thins™ and a lot more.

Tinned Beef and Mutton

We keep the major brands of Tinned Beef and Mutton, such as Palm™, Salisbury™ and Golden Country™. We have both Halal and Non-Halal for most products.

Kara Coconut Cream

One of the creamiest and tastiest coconut creams. This Coconut Cream is perfect in Palusami and Roro.

Tinned Fish

We keep a range of tinned mackerel and tuna, with brands such as Wahoo™, 777™, 888™ and Taiyo™. Come in to see our full range.

We also keep

L and P™ and Fresh-Up™

FMF™ Breakfast Crackers

MiGoreng™ Noodles

Vermicelli Noodles

And heaps more in store!

Fresh Taro Dhalo Air Freight Shivras Groceries
Fresh Taro at Shivras Groceries


Much Moore New Zealand Icecream Shivras Groceries Orange Choc Chip Strawberry Ripple Lime Groovy Gumdrops
Much Moore New Zealand Ice Cream at Shivras Groceries